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This review identified some evidence of the use of CBT in the reduction of both suicidal cognitions and behaviors.

There was not enough evidence from clinical trials to suggest that CBT focusing on mental illness reduces suicidal cognitions and behaviors.

They typically experience a number of functional impairments including disrupted sleep cycles, eating and appetite issues, and increased thoughts of death and dying.

Behavioral interventions can often help these interpersonal and functional impairments.

We identified 15 randomized controlled trials of CBT for adults (aged 18 years and older) that included suicide-related cognitions or behaviors as an outcome measure.

The studies were identified from Psyc INFO searches, reference lists, and a publicly available database of psychosocial interventions for suicidal behaviors.

Target Population: Adults (18 and over) diagnosed with a mood disorder, including Unipolar Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Depressive Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, and minor depression.

CBT is a skills-based, present-focused, and goal-oriented treatment approach that targets the thinking styles and behavioral patterns that cause and maintain depression-like behavior and mood.

At the same time, therapists who practice CBT aim to help their patients change patterns of behavior that come from dysfunctional thinking.

Accepted for publication 19 January 2016 Published 3 March 2016 Volume 2016:9 Pages 21—29 DOI

S84589 Checked for plagiarism Yes Review by Single-blind Peer reviewers approved by Dr Rebecca Sargisson Peer reviewer comments 3 Editor who approved publication: Dr Igor Elman Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUf AD), St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia Abstract: This systematic review provides an overview of the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in reducing suicidal cognitions and behavior in the adult population.

A physical examination and workup by a medical doctor is also an initial part of the standard treatment of anorexia, to understand and begin addressing the physical problems that may have occurred as a result of the disorder.

Psychotherapy is the most common treatment for anorexia and has the greatest research support.

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Indeed, many of the treatment approaches described below focus on helping a person with anorexia to understand how their own self-image impacts their eating behavior.

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