Anime stats not updating'm currently level 195, but this page hasn't been able to update for a while.

The optimizer does not enter cost-based optimization for very simple ("trivial") queries, where a single obvious plan is always optimal. See the Microsoft White Paper Plan Caching and Recompilation in SQL Server 2012 by Greg Low.

The only thing I can think that caused this is because the app was renamed with the update.

Does anyone have any evidence of this causing issues?

No other statistics on the statistics page is getting updated either, which is also preventing me from seeing my updated stats on Overbuff and Masteroverwatch. I'm not sure how Overbuff updates but logging into another region caused it to only update on their site.

I think they just use the latest stats regardless of region though. Overbuff and Master Overwatch hasn't updated for 4 days. I suspect it's related to the server issues a few days ago as it only seems to apply to the US server and it coincides with the time it went down.

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it usually happens on the same dates to most developers. if you link your extension with google analytics, you can then see installs from analytics but its not the same, as the chrome stats also substract uninstalls (not tracked in analytics).

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