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In the same episode, there were also repeated jokes about women who wear burkas.The 38-year-old then added: 'All very funny till I get shot in the car park.' As well as the relentless tawdry sexual scenes, there have been jokes about Madeleine Mc Cann and dead British soldiers, as well as rape and the 'crossbow cannibal' murders.“Absolutely — you just wait until you get to be 93 and someone says, ‘Hey, you know you’ve done this stuff and you have all this knowledge and we don’t need you any more. Channel 4 is embroiled in a race row after comedian Frankie Boyle used two racially offensive terms during his show Tramadol Nights on Tuesday.

It is different from the populist menu item in that it is almost Calvinist. There is no such thing as a real pizza with ham and pineapple, for instance, to say nothing of the crime against nature advertised as a “taco pizza.” The real item has a thin, biscuity crust, lots of spicy, garlicky tomato sauce and a thin covering of mozzarella that bakes into a papery crust over a stretchy, palate-burning stratus.

During Tuesday night's show, a female character was dressed up as a sexualised Super Mario character and uttered the phrase: 'Hello to P**is everywhere'.

Later in the show, he used the word again when talking about Western forces in Afghanistan before using the word 'n****r'.

fashion style advertising campaigns Zac Efron Gert Boyle Gert Boyle has never seen one of Zac Efron’s movie, but she still gave the actor golden reviews after shooting a new campaign with him for Columbia Sportswear. As a matter of fact, someone who works at Columbia called me to say to watch it, you had to bring a new set of underwear.”As their social media followers can attest, the Efrons are genuinely into trout hunting, trail running, cliff jumping and other weekend warrior activities.

Efron “was the one on the payroll,” but he brought along his equally outdoorsy brother Dylan to help shoot a video that will break on the company’s site Aug. “It will be on Facebook and all the other funny stuff that I don’t know about,” Boyle said Thursday. (Earlier this summer, Dylan posted about how having two broken ribs, three fractured vertebrae and a fractured tailbone would not deter him from exercising.

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At night, as she lay awake in her four-poster bed in one of the castle's many guest rooms, she pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

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