Cathy debuono dating jill bennett

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My only caveat is that the pacing is sometimes a little off, but it's by no means unbearable.

We Have to Stop Now | Celebrity lesbian couple Cathy De Buono and Jill Bennett turn their real-life romance upside-down in this hilarious exposé of two warring ladies in love.

Lesbian therapists Kit (Jill Bennett, And Then Came Lola) and Dyna (Cathy De Buono, Out At The Wedding) have published a best-selling book called ‘How to Succeed in Marriage Without Even Trying’. Spilling the beans to shirky shrink Susan (TV’s first ever openly gay comedienne Suzanne Westenhoefer) doesn’t help matters, neither does Kit’s nosy bisexual sister or the film crew that has arrived to document their ‘perfect’ marriage.

P Viewers, Well, I'm off to Japan at the end of this week, I'm sure I'll fit right in there... When I return from Japan, I will have a couple of days to recuperate before I'm back on a plane to Philidelphia to shoot "Tremble & Spark", the first of a trilogy of film noir shorts from producer Kelly Burkhardt where I will be playing detective Charlie Forest, and starring opposite Jessica Graham's (2 Minutes Later) villaness, Veronica Anderson I plan to shoot footage there too, and aim to have new episodes of W. Lucia (Cathy's off camera buddy) asks Cathy questions about learning how to ride while she's washing the "dinah dirt" off of her bike and Cathy's neighbor Daniel shows up right on time with cocktails.

The good news is I'll be shooting footage of my journey in Japan and using it to create a prototype of a new online travel show that I'll be producing and co-hosting with my lovely fellow actress, Jill Bennett (In Her Line of Fire, Dante's Cove). Despite having just survived a night of "chow fun's revenge", Erin manages to join Cathy for some reminiscing about how they met playing ultimate frisbee, they answer viewer letters and fruits and vegetables come into play when Erin and Cathy examine the large size of their hands.

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If the premise alone doesn’t say “yikes,” the painfully awkward and heartrending moments of are certainly cringe-worthy, but they're cushioned by comic relief.

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