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“I literally saw her across a crowded room and eight years and four kids later, that’s my life.

I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen.” Damon said.

After a 12-year-long friendship, including the Oscar-winning actor walking the runway shirtless for a charity fashion show Bagshawe organized, the two began dating in 2012 and eventually married in 2014.

Barroso was a bartender at the Crobar in Miami when Damon, who was in town to the shoot the film, "Stuck On You," walked in with a few crew members to unwind with some drinks.

In future, we intend to offer a Lets face it all the noise created by denials and counter denials by our Nigerian artistes about their dating relationships is what really keeps the entertainment industry thoroughly entertained, informed and educated and I respect anyone's privacy, should the person decide to keep it private but I know one thing for sure once you decide to be a 'celebrity' you have automatically become a public figure no longer private! cool down Yong babe donot bring thunder down on us.i am not Dragging tu baba withu, i am dragging zeal fromu whil u decide who the baby mama will bebye the way, point of correction Tubaba has three childreen already, he had one before he rose to fame, he had two in the first two years of his fame,so if Queen Pero is expecting again it will be his Fouth Now i wonder why it is so difficult to practice what we preach"" " News Flash Celebrity News: Sex, drunk driving, DUIs, drugs, flashing, indecent exposure, erratic change of partners, the list is endless, Let us not be associated with such or better still, let's set our own standards!!!!!!!!!!!!

So guys (Nigerian artistes) date yourselves as much as you want you are only interracting in your social community ok! hmmmmmmmm genivieve and dbanj are just hit and run ohhhhhhhh according to shan george sha she said wen they meet its just bang and me and u go our seperate ways.eniways i heard tuface is in love with on model like this that he really likes her, gud luck to him sha if he can say mor than the words NOTHING THEY HAPPEN then all will be well!

Hmmmmmmmmnnnnnn Or is the media that don't gossip enof bout dem? Am damn sure she aint DISSAPOINTEDthey shud make d affair known n stop denying, hey yah Dbanj has crushed so many kokolet's high hopes.

I was in charge of getting celebs to come in—and keeping B-listers out. On one of the early nights, a coworker yanked me aside to hiss, "You don't know who that is?

The gig was glamorous but tough, and I learned quickly that many male VIPs had god complexes and felt entitled to my attention. " I didn't at first, but apparently everyone else did."Just give me a chance! Go find a chick who's impressed with your day job."He would shake his head and mumble, "Brutal, man.

I think the whole celebrity thing and those that get involved in unnecessary things like that a shallow and need a life.

The longer i stay in yanki, the more i feel i am getting dumber because i am getting bombarded with useless celebrity scandals.

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It's embarrassing as an American that all the world hears about anymore are these celebrities, half of them low-life pieces of self-destructive trash with no morals or common sense.5 mics girl LMAO As for Zeal Dating Tuface, they make the perfect couple: she has absolutely no talent and he has tons. Re: Nigerian Celebrities Who Are They Dating « #7 on: January 04, 2008, AM » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------what i know is that most celebrities in nigeria don't want people to know who they r datin because sometimes when they r being asked they simply say thats personal but for d whites they don't care they want to be seen together even if they would break up d next minuteto me i still feel that most nigerians r a bit pretentious Report to moderator Logged I think you're right because you also don't want to be identified. Think of the horde of papparazzi, the numerous news paper houses, journalists who live off stalking celebrities.

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