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Since I live 400km away from the rest of the band, I just recorded my bass lines from home.

Currently doing the upcoming Incinerate and Deeds of Flesh albums.

🎧All music used during this stream was provided by:►No Copy Right Sounds▼https:// Copyright Sounds-------------------------------------------------------------‼️😨 Da RULEZ 😨‼️►DA RULEZ***IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES, YOU WILL BE TIMED OUT or BANNED 1. Please do not type in all caps or use excessive emojis.3. hey guys i know i promised a video for yesterday but its takiong more time than i had anticipated but dont u worry its a no one is baiting u for a response we just have questions! SKULL CANDY HEADSET GIVEAWAY AT 250 SUBSCRIBERS Donations are greatly appreciated!!

Because unfortunately for me I seem to choose people at work. And also – how’s that resolution of your first threesome going? I offloaded the children on to their father, and hauled my sister to the airport for a week of sun, sea and a shit load of alcohol. Phone calls, messages and Face Time have interrupted my week sleeping and relaxing on the beach. Not a word for 2 weeks, and then almost like a sixth sense, the phone starts going the minute I land somewhere it’s going to cost me a fortune to answer, or ignore!! I ate a whole packet of chocolate digestives on Saturday night. So, actually, I’m not sure in the majority of cases they can. Do you think that would break my current no-men resolution? Otherwise we might have to take material from back catalogues.

So this means we are free to look for other labels or financial contributors of some sort, to support the release.

Celebrate the sex trends that sparked the year and of course enjoy an eargasm or two…

You know, you see people all the time, maybe a it of harmless flirting (or not) and then go on a WORKS NIGHT OUT. Easier said than done, I know, but that’s what anyone deserves. Without one person always wanting that little bit more.

These nights out can be lethal as everyone loves to cut loose, relax and be inappropriate. You deserve more than someone who just misses their tea being cooked or their laundry done. Who is kind, thinks you’re special and the best thing on earth. I’m talking from experience; kind of one of the reasons why my last relationship (can I call it a relationship? It’s not a fairytale, don’t let anyone tell you that. I’d rather be single forever that in a relationship where I don’t feel valued, loved or special. Sometimes I think people think that you can only be lonely when you’re single . I felt more lonely when I was married than I ever have when I’ve been single. Or, maybe they just have to go through the initial attraction-minefield booty dance before they settle down.


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