Dating a piece of paper

Dating a piece of paper

The first paper was made from macerated tree bark, plants, and grass by the Chinese in A. 105, and sizing (filling the paper surface to reduce the spread of ink) had been developed in China by A. When papermaking spread to Europe, the beginnings of mechanization appeared with the first use of the stamper, a device for more speedily macerating the rag into pulp.By 1495 papermaking was practiced throughout Europe.The determination of the type of writing instrument is probably the oldest method of ink dating.

The method was developed by Willard Libby in the late 1940s and soon became a standard tool for archaeologists.

When the water drains away, the sheet is removed from the screen and allowed to dry.

Because the fibers are mainly cellulose (the basic structural component of plant cell walls), their interaction with water and their adherence to one another create the strength and flexibility that are characteristic of paper. The art of papermaking traveled from China to Korea and Japan and then to the Arab world, where rags were first used as the raw material for the fibers.

Paper is made by forming a felted mat of intertwining fibers.

This is done by passing a liquid suspension of the fibers through a screen.

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