Dating curta calculators

Dating curta calculators

In the very beginning, of course was the abacus, a sort of hand operated mechanical calculator using beads on rods, first used by Sumerians and Egyptians around 2000 BC.The principle was simple, a frame holding a series of rods, with ten sliding beads on each.In fact, the highly talented man became one of the unluckiest people in the history of technology.

Herzstark's life should have turned to fame and fortune after the end of the war, because the Viennese inventor was something of a Steve Jobs of the mechanical age. At a time when bookkeepers and counting house owners used heavy office machines and pencils to cope with monstrous columns of numbers, he surprised the professional world with a small, elegant device that performed the four basic arithmetic operations and fit into the pocket of every work coat.

Removing the bottom baseplate It's very important to use a properly fitting high quality screwdriver when disassembling an instrument like this.

You don't want to damage or mar the appearance in any way.

"Look, Herzstark," one of the camp commandants said to him, "we know that you are working on a calculating machine. If the thing is worth its salt, we'll give it to the Führer after the final victory.

He'll certainly make you an Aryan for that." The engineer had made a pact with the devil.

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Taking apart your prized Curta Calculator isn't advised for everyone.

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