Dating lawyers tips asian community dating site

Dating lawyers tips

This however does not mean that you need to spout legal jargon – in fact your partner may look askance if you start doing that – or even memorize the fine points of civil and criminal law.

But if you can keep abreast of the interesting legal cases in current news or at least show some familiarity with the ideas of crime and punishment, it will pique your lawyer partner’s interest in you and let him/her know that there is more to you than an attractive face or physique.

Yeah, it's time consuming, but you'll thank us when the landlord can't screw us over at the end of the tenancy over the broken wardrobe that wasn't our fault.9.

We'll blag you entry into a bar when you're definitely way too drunk Negotiation is our most basic skill. They're usually free Which means HELLO hangovers.13.

In fact according to 2008 figures from the US Department of Labor, the median annual wages of all wage-and-salaried lawyers was 0,590.

But top firms in cities like New York and Washington D.

And we will almost certainly mention the fact that we're lawyers to the bouncer we're negotiating with, before citing the (completely fabricated) Free Entry Into Drinking Establishments Act of 1995 with confidence. And on that note, we've got buckets of confidence Well, we say confident; others say egotistical. We go out for work drinks a LOT There's always something to celebrate: a deal completion, trainee rotations, because it's a Wednesday. We like hard facts So if you think there's a chance in hell we're one of those people you can just float along 'seeing' for months and months, then think again.

We want an actual relationship status and an anniversary date for the diary. We actually know what they're banging on about in Silk You'll find we're a real asset when watching legal dramas in general.15.

We work really frickin' late, so won't be able to meet you at 6pm So that surprise date you were going to take us on? Not because we're engaging in a Bridget-Jones-style flirty email exchange with our office crush.6.

Most lawyers are innately conservative and profoundly level-headed. What they won’t do is spontaneously burst into song at 5am – which must be a good thing. If these can be combined to form an archaic expression, then so much the better. Lawyers are privy to a range of perks – especially if they’re with a large firm. Tell a lawyer what’s bothering you and they’ll apply their Spock-like logic to finding a solution. You won’t have to pay for dinner – or at least, you shouldn’t. If there’s one thing lawyers are good at, it’s being well-versed in the vagaries of the law.

Lawyers love words – big ones, small ones and especially Latin ones.

Their style is the perfect mixture of class and elegance. If you date a lawyer, it will compel you to dress classy to match their level. Get your dancing shoes out ready and show your best moves.

They will want you to look like them and sometimes it’s good to agree.

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We're argumentative It's in our nature, we argue for a living remember?

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