Disable validating web site an error has occurred while validating the configuration settings sharepoint

Disable validating web site

NET MVC and you want to enable people to submit messages that contain HTML tags.

Unlike a Web Forms application, you cannot disable request validation by using the directive.

Technically, the SSL protocol provides an encrypted link between two parties, however in the eyes of the consumer, seeing the SSL padlock in their browser means much more: As well as ensuring that their details remain secure during a transaction, consumers also care whether the website they are dealing with is legitimate.

In order to solve the critical issue of identity assurance as well as information security on the Internet, the efforts of SSL Providers (Certification Authorities), consumer magazines and industry bodies have rightly resulted in the SSL padlock becoming synonymous with trust and integrity - factors consumers associate with being legitimate.

If you want to disable request validation then you must use the [Validate Input] attribute.

Setting the Validation Controls property Is Valid to true wont work because the client-side validation scripts can prevent any subroutine associated with the Cancel button from ever executing.

As a result, the validation controls will insist the user to submit valid data before the form can cancel the action.

If the user selected the 4th option and posted the form to the server, the server would throw an exception because it didn’t know “4” was a legal value. NET know the value “4” is legal with the Register For Event Validation method of the Client Script Manager class.

Register For Event Validation must be called during the rendering phase, so we need to override a Render method.

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In the last post we looked at the job event validation performs, and how we can trigger a validation error with some innocent Java Script.

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