Postback not updating bound listbox

Postback not updating bound listbox

(casenumber: CAS-65192-WKH885, under a different login though) The case has an example project attached to demonstrate the problem. Hello Marjin, As Konstantin has advised , you have to restore your selected state and set this selected index after the databinding has been performed.

Best regards, Hi, Because it took a while before we got an answer on the forum we allready opened a case last week in the support section.

View Sate stores both the data of the List Box and the Selected Values.

That's one of the main reasons not to use View State on a list unless it just has a few values in it.

Visual Studio 2008 does not appear to come with a pre-defined template for an ASP. However, such a template was available within Visual Studio 2005 if the Visual Studio 2005 and ASP. Consequently, configuring a web site and starting with the AJAX-Enabled Web Site template will likely be even easier, as the template should include a fully-configured web.config file (supporting all of the ASP.

Take the following scenario assuming you set View State off for the lst Customers control: But this isn't exactly a good idea. If you bind in Page_Load() the Selected Index Changed event doesn't get fired correctly because the value wasn't set correctly when the POST data was assigned to the control – since the list wasn't loaded yet Selected Value couldn't be assigned. This control can track property values automatically.

This will help us provide you an alternative solution.

Thank you For Reply I saw your example but why there is need to bind data source on pre-render event every i do bind third dropdownlist on value select event of 2nd dropdown do i need to bind datasource to second dropdownlist in pre render event?

We are having an API called “Cascade To” which is used to map the child Dropdown list in the parent Dropdown list control.

By selecting an option in the parent dropdown, the child Drop Down List has to load the corresponding value regarding the parent Dropdown.

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This whitepaper is based on the Beta 2 release of the Visual Studio 2008 and the . NET AJAX Extensions into the Base Class Library (where it was previously an add-on component available for ASP. This whitepaper also assumes that you are using Visual Studio 2008 and not Visual Web Developer Express Edition; some project templates that are referenced may not be available to Visual Web Developer Express users. NET AJAX Extensions is the ability to do a partial or incremental page updates without doing a full postback to the server, with no code changes and minimal markup changes.

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