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It was her first day at the gym since recovering from a car accident, and the Bay Area native was amped to get back in shape.She wore a neon pink crop top and matching spandex capris, and she had just begun to power walk when a Planet Fitness employee approached her. ” Austin was being accused of “gymtimidation,” a cardinal sin at Planet Fitness, the national chain known for its hideous purple-and-yellow color scheme and equally jarring policies, such as “no grunting,” “no deadweights” and no “hardcore look-at-me-attitudes.” At Planet Fitness, such offenses trigger a gym-wide siren called “The Lunk Alarm”“lunk” being the company’s term for “meathead”—complete with flashing blue lights and an ear-splitting noise that sounds disconcertingly similar to a firetruck.Of course, this probably has more to do with their dirt-cheap monthly fee.Or it could just be the straight-shooting sales pitch, which describes their facilities as “clean, stylish and hassle-free.” No judgment!“Excuse me, but we’ve had some complaints,” the employee said. Ironically, Planet is also the national brand partner for , a show that’s pretty much all about grunting and groaning your way through grueling boot-camp routines led by intimidatingly fit people.

Its efficiency and discipline made a small city on the Italian peninsula rule over most of the Western world, from the British Isles to the Near East and from the Rhine to North Africa.

For starters, a collection of terracotta sculptures discovered in 1974 in Xian, China gives insight into the style worn by Chinese soldiers over a thousand years ago.

China’s first emperor, Qin Shih Huang, wanted his army to be buried with him as his guardians in the afterlife.

The neck tie is also depicted in Trajan’s column in Rome, Italy.

Emperor Trajan ruled the Roman Empire from 98 to 117AD.

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Outlining your main ideas and completing that first draft quickly is the surefire tip for writing productivity Views on the Ribbon.

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    Hence arose 'silver wedding' and 'golden wedding.' This practice, borrowed from the Germans, has been elaborated upon in modern times."Source: George Stimpson, , Elegant"In the medieval times only milestone anniversaries like 25th and 50th were celebrated.

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