Validating the bible

Validating the bible

Question: "What does the Bible say about popularity / wanting to be popular? Babies are socialized by learning to read the cues from those they want to please and adjusting their behaviors accordingly.

However, when we seek most of our validation and self-worth from the opinions of other people, we are on the wrong path.

Popular opinion changes like the breeze, and when we place too much importance on it, we are setting ourselves up for an endless string of disappointments.

As long as we pursue popularity as a means to happiness, we are flirting with idolatry.

Even when the choice to please others does not involve open disobedience to God, pride is always at the heart of the desire for popularity.

And God hates pride (Proverbs ; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5).

They believe and teach that Scripture is, to a very significant degree, man’s word. If some leaders’ view of inspiration were true, Jesus was subject to an errant, rather casually thrown-together ‘Word of Man.’ Jesus would have been subject, then, to the will of man, not the will of God. He came to do God’s will, not His own, and not man’s. If He had desired, He could have written a new set of rules and they would have been the Word of God. He followed without question the Bible already penned by men.I am looking for input on how to deal with this questions. Although these works were written independently, they show an amazing congruency and they never contradict each other! They claim that using the Bible to support the Bible is "circular reasoning" ( testing the validity of an idea by its own pronouncements). We must first remember in discussing the claims of the Bible with anyone, that the Bible is not a single, autonomous work.We’d never say it out loud, but in our minds we categorize ourselves and others according to our standards: “She is a good Christian because . This isn’t the gospel, and this isn’t the Christian life.I call this different gospel the “goodness gospel”: my goodness, my life, my spiritual growth is up to me, and I’ll know how I’m doing based upon the specific things that I value or think make me a good Christian.

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by Dr David Livingston Jesus never belittled Scripture (as some modern critics do), or set it aside (as the Jewish leaders of His day had done with their Oral Traditions), or criticized it (although He criticized those who misused it), or contradicted it (although He rejected many interpretations of it), or opposed it (although He sometimes was free or interpretive with it), nor spoke in any way as ‘higher’ critics do of the Old Testament ().

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