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Do you not recall any of your relationships lasting longer than a year?You are possibly a serial dater, and are addicted to dating. Serial daters often find that their self worth is tied to attention from the opposite sex.Meeting new people, dating them and forming meaningful connections is supposed to be fun and exciting.It should not seem like a chore, which has to be completed in order to find love.But, if you find yourself constantly neglecting the things you love and that make you YOU, you're going to end up feeling resentful and burned out.

Here are five signs that you might want to take a little break from dating.

If you’re a serial dater, your emotional health may be at stake.

While most of us have had to kiss many frogs before finding our prince, and have dated multiple people, sometimes it’s just one frog too many! Dating multiple people can be fun and freeing, but when you start forgetting to show up to dates, and have a hard time keeping the names of your potential partners straight, you need to take a step back. If you feel yourself shuttling between the people you are dating, and find it stressing you out, perhaps you should go easy on the dating front.

If you find yourself prejudging and assuming your date is going to be horrible, then your date is going to be horrible because that's the energy you're bringing to it.

If you're in this place, enjoy a meaningful dating hiatus and work on letting expectations go and being present. Allow yourself to take a step back, feel your emotions, and come back when you're recharged.

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I regularly come across people who recognise that they’ve either been in similar types of relationship with same type of person, different package, or that regardless of who they’ve been involved with, they’ve had a pattern of seeing of seeing themselves as ‘less than’, people-pleasing, and accepting crumbs while having little to no boundaries.

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