When interracial dating goes wrong maya rudolph dating

When interracial dating goes wrong

Oh, I do agree that interracial dating has grown tremendously.

That part is something that is not going to get an argument from me.

Let me point out what is wrong with this entire interview: a.) Some of the stats are quite off and/or unproven – So, who came up with the number that 85% of Americans approve of interracial relationships?

After giving this interview a thorough listen, I was not disappointed.

What started as “slightly safe” eventually became “silly and baseless”. This is the same woman that has shown her contempt for Black men. Well, he usually thanks God and white people for slavery.

Still, who said that the majority of America accepts interracial dating? Oh, and I am aware of the 83 percent of Americans saying it is “all right for blacks and whites to date each other”. And surveys, for the most part, only measure a small part of a small part of a populations.

b.) Karazin never mentions the other problem: Black men being cartoonized – While Christelyn Karazin mentioned that Black women have been cartoonized (sassy, jezebel, sapphire, sexless Mammy), where is the mentioning of Black men being cartoonized? d.) Karazin is obviously blind – Christelyn quickly noted that Black men, as a whole, aren’t being help accountable for the problems within the Black community. e.) Jesse Lee Peterson is just as blind as well: Peterson chose to get into the “Black women aren’t being held accountable” trash either.

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