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Contains a large collection of resources covering a wide range of apologetics by authors such as Craig, Geisler, and others. Warner Wallace's site specializing in the eye-witness accounts of the gospels.

* [Biblical Training](https:// - Unoriginal name, but outstanding (and free! * [Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry]( - One of the oldest apologetics sites on the net. * [Creation Ministries International]( - Probably the top creation ministry today with the most knowledgeable and professional staff.

I have described four biblical meanings of the Lord's Supper and promised that I would deal with two more today.

Now today we look at two final meanings—not that there are no others, but these are the two we will focus on in conclusion.

The short format also allowed them to take greater creative chances than if they started with a half-hour show on a cable network, and that risk-taking zeal has continued into the series.

Here are 10 of the more noteworthy episodes from their preliminary You Tube run. “Making Change,” Season 1 Speaking of dating, this episode is striking for the fact that it isn’t exactly funny.

Today, Lord willing, we will finish the three part series on the meaning of the Lord's Supper.

If you think this is all about a mere religious ritual with little relevance for your larger life-concerns, you are wrong, and I hope you will keep listening to see how wide and long are the implications of what happens at the Lord's Supper—as wide as love is wide, and as long as eternity.

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Before it was a popular and critically acclaimed sitcom on Comedy Central, Broad City was a video series on You Tube.

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