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Filamentous fungi are indispensable biotechnological tools for the production of organic chemicals, enzymes, and antibiotics.Most of the strains used for industrial applications have been—and still are—screened and improved by classical mutagenesis.Contemporary Chinese paintings from the University Museum's collection show the changing cityscapes of Hong Kong over the last half century.It focuses on local artists and their visual testimonies of the Fragrant Harbour.We show that an increased need for sleep inhibits male sexual behavior by decreasing the activity of the male-specific P1 neurons that coexpress the sex determination genes fru and dsx, but does not affect female sexual behavior.

Drosophila melanogaster, like other animals, engages in adaptive innate behaviors such as reproduction and sleep, and the molecular and neuronal mechanisms underlying these behaviors have been intensively studied for decades (see reviews on courtship.

Using the amenability of Drosophila as a model system for genetic, behavioral, and physiological approaches, we sought to explore the interaction, at various levels, between sexual and sleep behaviors, in order to understand how these competing behaviors are co-regulated to ensure appropriate behavioral choice.

In this study, we show that sleep and sexual behaviors interact in a sex-specific manner.

Sexual crossing approaches would yield considerable advantages for research and industrial strain improvement, but interestingly, industrially applied filamentous fungal species have so far been considered to be largely asexual.

This is also true for the ascomycete QM6a and obtained fertilized stromata and mature ascospores.

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In addition, the single was set to be released only in North America, but with the success of "I Don't Need a Man", the single was also released internationally.

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